About Us

Lasting memories arise from the experience of witnessing the beauty of natural form and discovering the secrets of behaviors that link all living beings into one unified organism.

TALON TOURS is a tour company specializing in birding and natural history. Our motivating force is derived from the sheer pleasure of locating and sharing birds and other wildlife in their natural habitats.

Most of our tours are concentrated in areas of highest density bird and wildlife habitat, however we will on occasion search out those special bird and animals that thrive on their solitude.

Although birds may be at the top of the list, our leaders share an interest in all aspects of the natural order. The observation of birds, butterflies, dragonflies, plants, mammals, local geology and culture all form the basis of our tours and it is a great pleasure to impart our knowledge to our tour participants. By keeping our group sizes small our group members are much more likely to experience wildlife encounters.

Though we recognize the importance of lists and numbers, our emphasis is on the quality of our interactions with birds and other wildlife. Because touring itself can be disruptive to wildlife, we strive to minimize our impact by maintaining a respectful distance and intelligent use of recordings.

When designing our tours we specifically select our sites for their outstanding beauty, ultimately adding another dimension to the wonder of our observations.

We have extensive experience working with all levels of birding skills and welcome the opportunity to introduce beginning birders to the ever-unfolding world of birding. Because we value the reservoir of knowledge our participants bring to the tour, we encourage education through group participation.

The number of guides on each tour depends upon group size. When a second guide is warranted it is our goal to include the services of proven local guides and drivers. This choice, in conjunction with the use of locally owned lodging facilities, helps to promote the prosperity of the local economy and creates an interest in the preservation and restoration of habitats and wildlife.

We offer private and custom tours to all our destinations in addition to advertised tours. We welcome your enquiries and questions in our endeavor to serve your needs and wish you much good birding.