Great-Looking Facebook Page

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Great looking Facebook page! The trips are fabulous too! I've been on five!

Joannie Dranginis

Impressed in California

Stellar's Jay

I spoke with Pete Ferrara today and it sounds like you two enjoyed a successful trip--well done. I was especially impressed with the Lawrence's Goldfinch and Mountain Quail sightings.

David Shackelford

Bird Overload!

Hi Ken, thanks for another great trip. I’m on bird overload!

Great company, great accommodations, great food, great birds. Nothing was missing. Thanks for setting it all up.

Karen Nagel

Wonderful Trip

Thanks Ken--it was a wonderful trip and I really enjoyed it. And I know that Karen did, too.

Daphne Smith

Best Guide Ever

Thank you, Ken. You are the best tour guide ever: it was perfect as far as I was concerned.

Burnley Snyder

Highly Recommended

Thank you for getting us such a great trip. We will highly recommend it to our birder friends.

Erna Noble

Praise for New Zealand

Yellow-crowned Parakeet

Thanks for the great trip!  We really enjoyed it, and I know everyone else did as well.  You did a great job.  Hope you weren't too exhausted with all the driving.  Ken and Gerri said the last days were really good, too, especially seeing the kiwi.

Bud Getty

Still on Cloud Nine


Hello Ken, I am still on Cloud 9 over that wonderful trip to Guyana.  The best trip to South America that I have ever had.  My personal list was just under 300 species and 86 (probably more) were Life Birds for me.  I don't know if I would climb the Panorama trail again but other than that I think the time at each lodge was just about right and all of the walks, boat rides, and drives were great birding experiences.  Ron is an incredible birding guide.  So between the two of you, we could hardly miss a sighting.

Aggie Condon